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Tournament Poker

"Tournament Poker for 21st Century Casinos and the Internet" is a comprehensive guide to the play of important hands in Texas Hold'Em, as these apply specifically to tournaments.

Although it may seem as if these hands practically "play themselves", that apparent simplicity is often taken for granted, and sometimes even without thinking. This can lead to disappointments when the outcome isn't "as planned". This often happens in situations in which the player takes into account only the math of poker, or only the examples that have been illustrated in past teachings. All of these are important, but what is most critical is the understanding of what this means as applied to the analysis of the situation in that moment.

In his new book, author Victor "Vegas Vic" Royer includes detailed discussions of Big Pairs, Ace-King, Middle-Pairs, Small-Pairs, and Suited Connectors, as these apply to the changing situations in poker tournaments. Applicable to both land-based casinos and the Internet, each of these hands is analyzed for all stages of the tourney, from early, middle, bubble, in-the-money, and short-table and shot-handed play, including final table play. Each of these hands is also analyzed from positional perspectives, such as early position, middle position, late position, and the blinds, and the play of them accordingly.

With Internet poker popular everywhere, and soon also available in the United States, this book shows you a clear path to understanding complex situations that often arise from the play of seemingly simple hands. A guide to success and strategy that enables you to better analyze your play and that of your opponents. These critically important hints, tips, strategies and recommendations show you how to think through the situations of the moment, as each appears during the ever-fluctuating course of the poker tournament.

About Vegas Vic

Victor H Royer, known worldwide as Vegas Vic, is the author of 41 books, most of which are on casino games and gaming, including four books on Poker. A 30 year veteran of the Las Vegas casino scene, the Author has played hundreds of thousands of hands in all forms of poker in the famous casinos of Las Vegas, and on all of the major sites on the Internet. Today, Royer is well-known as a respected gaming industry consultant, an analyst and teacher, and continues to enjoy the world of casinos and poker every day. He still lives in Las Vegas, and can often be found playing poker in the major poker rooms of the great casino resorts on the Strip and Downtown.

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