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Vegas Vic and the Playboy Playmate

I had the opportunity to visit with the Playboy Playmate of the year, the very beautiful Eugena Washington. She was not only a gracious lady, but also very nice, cheerful, and wonderful to be near! Very near, fortunately for me :)

I am her Honey Bunny, and she's my very special Bunny as well. Here are a couple of pictures to prove the point:


Mr. Comedy Las Vegas - George Wallace

I also had the great pleasure of visiting with one of my all-time favorite comedians, Mr. Comedy Las Vegas himself, Gerorge Wallace. He is a legendary comedian of the Las Vegas stage, and a truly wonderful man in person. I enjoyed vising with him very much. Here's our photo together:

Vegas Vic in Sharknado

Holding Conan O'Brian's severed hand at the Sharknado Slots

Vegas Vic in Jurassic Park - Scary, huh?

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