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Insider Secrets of Keno – Part Three

By: VictorVegas Vic” Royer

The second email comes from Don. He writes as follows:

“Hi – I have purchased your book Powerful Profits from Keno & was mainly interested in 4 card Keno. I have one question where you state a different payback percentage for different cards, & I was wondering how this is possible if the numbers are truly random. It would seem that this wouldn’t be the case. I’m just curious if I need to change cards with which one is my “core” card. It doesn’t seem to me that the payout could be different if the numbers are truly random, because that would mean if you played the same numbers on every card then the software would have to know, & therefore to keep payouts where they want them.

I really enjoyed your read, & like playing this way. I was already doing something similar, but after reading your book have tweaked my way more like yours, & I like the way it works I’m just a little confused about the actual randomness of the draw. The main draw for me to this game was that it was truly random & checked by the gaming authorities.

Thanks, Don”

Here is my reply:

Hi Don,

Thank you for writing. You are correct – the games are as random as they can be. I have an article about that here on this web site, at this link:

The article is titled: “Are Slots Really Random” – and this also applies to video keno, because that is also a slot machine and it’s programs are the same as those that run the slots. The only exception is the fact that keno is a fixed universe, meaning that the grid of 80 numbers is all there is, and there can’t be any more. This gives about 9.5 Quintillion possible combinations.

You mention a section of my book where I speak about different payback percentages. I think that what I was referring to were the options for split-rate tickets, which – when played properly – have the effect of increasing your overall pays, and that this therefore means you are actually squeezing a better payback percentage out of the machine than it’s programmed percentages.

This applies to the short-term slice of the human player’s experience, of course, and is designed to create profitable plays for video keno players. This does not alter the machine’s program, or cause the machine to function differently. It is simply a means of practicing a method that helps players make profits.

Goof luck! ~~ Victor

The third email is from Jim, who wrote back after the first correspondence, which appears in Part Two of this series. Here is what he wrote:

“You are definitely right about keno in Laughlin.  Don’s Riverside has multi 20 card that pays only 55 credits on 5 of 6.  When we go to Vegas on Thursday we usually stop at Sunset Station to eat and play.  Best inexpensive buffet I have ever eaten. Any place that lets you eat real ice cream for breakfast is special.

We will go to Sam’s Town, El Cortez and maybe 4 Queens.  Have you played keno in any of these and how are the games?  We drive and arrive in mid morning and drive back the same night.  Have free rooms, food, shows and airfare, so I have to play there enough to maintain my free status.

The wife and me last night went to play keno.  She won a total of $1,200.00 using the patterns you describe in your book. 

Thank you for writing the keno book.

Sincerely, Jim”

Here is my reply:

Hi Jim,

Thank you for the kind words about my keno book. I wish my publisher would share your opinion. They seem to think no one is interested in gambling books any more. I’d like you to write to them, and let them know. You can find their contact information at this link:

About your question:

Sunset Station is OK. Most Station Casinos are. Sam’s Town not so much any more. However, you can still find the better paying machines there. It just might take some looking. El Cortez is OK, but I’m not sure about 4 Queens. There are a lot of changes Downtown, most of them not too good, especially not for players. The casino corporations that are buying up all the casinos are ripping them apart, ostensibly to renovate and upgrade them, but all this means is that they are squeezing the players for bigger and bigger slices of their actions. Not in all places, but that’s the sad trend.

The best place for video keno is at The Palms. Gold Coast is also OK, although they have the shaved paybacks on most machines. South Point is good as well, at least it was when I was there. It’s a better place overall than most casinos on the Strip, even though it is quite further down south. Still, it’s relatively easy to get to on the freeway.

Best of Luck! ~~ Victor

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